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Tutoring is available live via the internet. This method works well with students who are self-motivated, or who have an adult available to sit with the student. Online tutoring works particularly well for students who need to travel 30+ minutes to tutoring, or who live in another time zone. Currently, this option is only available for those learning to read and spell using American English.


The Orton-Gillingham method uses many manipulatives to help the child learn using multiple facets of their brain. All of the manipulatives needed for learning are available over the computer. By using a secure web conference site, the child has access to move the manipulatives themself using their own mouse.


Materials needed for online tutoring:


  •  Computer-In order to have the speed necessary, the computer needs to be a more recent model, that has come out with in the last 3-4 years. Touch screen computers work very well, but are not required. Unfortunately Chrome books do not work with online tutoring.

  • High Speed Internet Access

  • Webcam (either built in to the computer/tablet or added on)

  • Mouse-track pads are difficult and frustrating for younger students to control, so a separate mouse works best.

  • Keyboard

  • Paypal account

  • Email Account

  • Tablet with internet access

  • Stylus

  • headphones with microphone 

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I offer a one-on-one tutoring service using Orton-Gillingham methods to strengthen children's reading and writing skills. My program is specifically designed to help children with dyslexia, and other struggling readers.

My goal is to help every student feel confident after every single lesson. Many students with dyslexia take multiple months to years to close the learning gap. For this reason especially, I feel it is particularly important to make every lesson a positive session that helps the student feel more confident in themselves and their abilities.


I work with each student at their own individual pace. Students with dyslexia learn best using multi-sensory techniques.  This means they need a hands on experience where they can experience the tactile, visual, and auditory together. I provide a multi-sensory atmosphere with many manipulatives for every tutoring session. 






One-on-one tutoring online.


All curriculum materials are provided for Orton-Gillingham lessons. Lessons are generally scheduled for 25 minutes or 55 minutes, depending on what's available and what works best for the student's individual needs. For best results students should expect to commit to at least 2 hours of tutoring a week. 


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